Adding value for our clients is our primary goal. For this purpose, we offer our clients comprehensive consulting services in the fields of investor relations, capital measures, sustainability & ESG, M&A, special situations as well as financial marketing.

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Our Services

1 Investor Relations

Many companies underestimate the positive economic effect of an active, open and professional communication in the capital market. Good investor relations work strengthens the effectiveness of a company. Those who are showcasing their business model in a transparent and comprehensible manner and are seeking the dialogue will be rewarded by the capital market and other stakeholders. Gaining reputation due to active communication results in long-term customer and shareholder relationships and allows subsequent capital measures to be more successful – real competitive advantages. We advise companies on developing customised, long-term investor relation strategies, with the objective to demonstrate existing potentials and to provide additional perspectives.

IR Strategy

Equity Story

Press Activities

Investor / Analyst Presentations

Annual and Interim Reports

Analysis of Shareholder Structure

Perception Analyses, Studies

Annual General Meetings

Capital Market Conferences



IR Coaching

2 Capital Measures

In times of increased banking regulation, funding your business is becoming more and more of a challenge. More than ever, it is important to promote the diversification of the financing structure and to create a healthy mix of debt and equity. Apart from the classic variants like bank loans or an IPO, today for medium-sized companies additional financing channels such as the issuance of corporate bonds or of promissory notes are at hand to ensure a stable development of the company and to finance growth.

IR.on assists companies of all sizes in the implementation of capital measures. Communication is a crucial factor for the positive outcome of such capital measures: only by plausibly explaining the companies’ motivation and thus creating a dialogue with the relevant target groups, the desired results will be realized. Delivering persuasive messages through the proper communication channels with the right timing is essential for the success of any capital measure.

Communication Concept

Equity/Bond Story

Investor/Analyst Presentations

Press Activities

Press and Analyst Conferences

Project Management


Media/IR Coaching

Online IR


Media Planning & Financial Advertisement

Media Monitoring and Analysis

3 Sustainability & ESG

Everybody in the capital market is talking about sustainability. Enterprises are facing new regulatory requirements and disclosure obligations and are being urged by investors to accurately disclose the environmental and social impacts of their economic activities as well as their governance structures. Due to constant changes in ESG reporting requirements and with complex EU legislation, many companies feel unequipped to decide which (legal) aspects are of their concern and where to place their focus on.

Our consultants offer companies help in navigating these uncharted waters. We provide answers to pressing questions about the relevant legal requirements, reporting standards such as GRI and the required ESG insights. We assist organizations in developing their own sustainability strategy as part of their corporate strategy and their equity story in the capital market.

Status Quo Analysis

Stakeholder Surveys

Materiality Analysis (Inside-Out & Outside-In)

Establishing a Sustainability Management System

Development of a Sustainability Strategy

Development of Relevant ESG Performance Indicators

Advice on the ESG Rating Process

Development / Adaptation of an Equity Story

Development of a Code of Conduct (also for suppliers)

Strategic Advice on Regulatory Requirements and new Reporting Obligations

Preparation of Sustainability Reports / Non-financial Statements (audit compliant)

Application of the EU Taxonomy (audit compliant)

ESG-Workshops and Trainings

4 M&A, Special Situations

Communication is the key to success of an M&A transaction. This also applies to special situations such as a corporate crisis or restructuring measures. Inadequate communication during such processes usually turns out to be very costly. Investors, employees, customers and suppliers often get little information about new structures or situations – sometimes with fatal consequences.

In terms of communication especially tactics, speed and liability count most within special situations and M&A processes. Defined goals are reached only with consistent communication – at best, on basis of prepared communication scenarios.

Project Management

Communication Concept

Information Material (e.g. Crisis Manual, Presentations)


Press Activities

Press Conference

Online IR

Media Coaching

Media Monitoring and Analysis

Post M&A Communication

Analysis of Shareholder Structure

Media Planning & Financial Advertisement

5 Financial Marketing

Whether corporate measure or ongoing investor relations work: sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. As a supplement to the capital market communication, financial marketing activities provide great potential to increase the perception of a company respectively its operations. Crucial for successful marketing activities is to address the relevant target groups through an appropriate mix of different communication channels.

As an independent company, IR.on carries out efficient marketing campaigns perfectly tailored to the target groups of its customers.

Marketing Activities for Equities, Bonds & Profit Participation Rights

Planning & Conducting of Marketing and Image Campaigns

Online Campaigns

Creation of Advertisement (Text and Design)

Corporate Identity Management

Information Material (e.g. Flyers, Image Brochures, Fact Sheets)

Capital Market Conferences and Fairs

Direct Mailings & Newsletter

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