Groundbreaking: IR.on starts reforestation project in the Siegerland region

by Fabian Kirchmann - About 40 years ago, my grandparents bequeathed us grandchildren some forest in the Siegerland region, where I spent part of my childhood. 

On the last weekend in June, I was there myself for the first time with the responsible forestry office and took a look at the small area of just under 2 hectares right on the border between Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia: About half of the area is covered with a species-rich mixed forest, the other half with spruce trees, which unfortunately, as in many places in Germany, have fallen victim to drought and the bark beetle and are now being cut down. Fortunately, the soils are apparently very good and the spruce forest is interspersed in many places with young shoots of beech, cherry and new spruce.

Why am I telling you this here? Because we at IR.on want to reforest this small piece of land and do so together with our customers and business partners and everyone who wants to join in. 

At the weekend, I symbolically planted the first sapling for our customer Grammer, which is encouraging all its service providers to plant a tree with its NominationTree campaign. 
Piece by piece, we will reforest this area together and thus make a tiny contribution to climate protection. 

Of course, this is only a small component of our IR.on sustainability strategy. You will find more information on this shortly at