Kickoff for the IR.on AG Christmas campaign "Reforestation in Flammersbach" with the Stiftung Unternehmen Wald (Forest Enterprise Foundation)

  • Reforestation with 2,700 native deciduous trees planned

Cologne, Dezember 2, 2022 – Our forests are habitats for countless animal and plant species, trees are important oxygen producers and forests make a significant contribution to regulating the water balance. The protection and preservation of our forests is thus one of the central tasks for ensuring biodiversity and species diversity and forms a basis of life for us and for future generations.

IR.on AG would like to make a contribution to this and this year, as a Christmas campaign, is supporting a reforestation project for the site-appropriate reforestation of a small area of forest by donating trees in Flammersbach/Hesse on the edge of the Siegerland region.

As in many parts of the country, the area was overgrown with spruce trees that had fallen victim to the drought and the bark beetle and therefore had to be cut down in spring 2022. It is now being reforested with around 2,700 native and resilient deciduous trees such as sessile oak, sycamore maple and wild cherry. A wildlife fence to protect the seedlings has already been put in place and planting can begin.

As of today, the donation page of the Stiftung Unternehmen Wald is now open for tree donations at Each tree donor receives a tree certificate in his/her name or that of a person to be gifted. This year, IR.on will donate a total of 300 trees on behalf of its customers and business partners instead of Christmas presents.

We would be delighted if you would join us in supporting this project and thank you in advance for your commitment. Every tree counts!

With your tree donation you support:

  • The afforestation of our forests
  • Promoting biodiversity in our forests
  • Reforestation after damaging events
  • The vitality and stability of our forests through ecological forest conversion
  • The storage of CO2 in trees
  • The charitable work of the Stiftung Unternehmen Wald