Ongoing Investor Relations Work – Grand City Properties S.A.


GCP is a specialist in residential real estate and invests in the value enhancement of properties in densely populated areas. The focus is primarily on Germany and London. The company's strategy is to enhance the properties with the help of repositioning and intensive tenant management, then to increase occupancy and rent levels, thus creating value.

GCP offers a balanced mix of properties in attractive locations - managed by dedicated and experienced staff both at headquarters and in regional offices. In addition, GCP has a central 24/7 service center that coordinates and ensures tenant satisfaction as an integral part of the business model at the highest level.

IR.on AG has been in charge of GCP’s capital market communication since mid-2013.

Task and result:

IR.on AG’s assignment comprises the full day-to-day IR activities. For example, as an issuer of shares as well as convertible, perpetual and fixed-interest bonds, the company has extensive publicity obligations that must be met. The level of visibility and the reputation of GCP are accompanied by continuous press relations. In addition, IR.on AG provides strategic advice on PR and IR matters as well as support in special projects such as the preparation of the company’s uplisting to the Prime Standard in May 2017.

Overall, GCP has gained significant visibility in recent years and established itself as a heavyweight in the German real estate sector and capital market. In terms of share price performance, the 2012 IPO was even the most successful one on the German stock market since 2007 (source: Bloomberg/FAZ, as of spring 2017).

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