5EL SA acquires majority stake in asknet AG

Swiss-listed digital commerce firm 5EL SA has acquired a majority stake in asknet AG, a supplier of global e-commerce solutions. IR.on advised asknet on the communication of the takeover by the new majority shareholder

Cologne, 21 November 2017 – The transaction was done through a combination of a capital increase and the buyout of a group of large shareholders of asknet AG. Thus, 5EL SA holds a 51.37 % stake in asknet AG. As a further step of the transaction, asknet plans to issue a convertible bond of at least EUR 1.5 million, of which the subscription will be guaranteed by 5EL SA.

As a strategic investor, 5EL offers not only fresh capital for asknet, but also expertise in digital marketing and content production. Furthermore, the company gains access to cutting-edge block chain technology and machine learning applications. The aim is to leverage the synergies of the partnership to create a diversified, fully integrated and global e-commerce service company.

IR.on advised the company on the preparation of communication content and materials for the announcement of the transaction. In addition to fulfilling the communication obligations resulting from the transaction, the focus was on elaborating the strategic logic of the transaction and the benefits for the implementation of the planned investments in new products and services. As a result, the transaction was positively received by the company's stakeholders and the general public, which is also reflected in a significant increase in the asknet share price. IR.on already accompanied asknet AG during its initial public offering in 2006. The entry of the new strategic majority shareholder offers a great opportunity to increase the potential of asknet in combination with 5EL more quickly and sustainably.

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